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Craft Cocktails No More: Holland House to Close its Doors

By: Matt Niehoff

Tag: News

Holland House, East Nashville's pioneering craft-cocktail bar and restuarant, is closing its doors this Saturday -- according to their official Facebook account. The decision comes after a year of furitless lease renewal negotiations, according to owner Terry Raley, who is the brains behind Germantown's Buchertown Hall, as well.

The full text from Holland House's Facebook:

"A Heartfelt Goodbye To Holland House

As many of you may know, I founded a company called Amaranth Hospitality Group in 2014. Our first project was Butchertown Hall, and since then, many new and exciting opportunities have transpired. In order for our company to capitalize on these opportunities, it has now become necessary for more of my time be paid to Amaranth Hospitality current and future projects, as well as on undertakings that have inelastic prospects for the future. Unfortunately, Holland House will not be one of them. Though there is some sadness, it is a necessary move. The decision comes after over a year of fruitless lease renewal negotiations beginning in early 2016, whereby Holland House was placed on month-to-month terms, without a Lease. We held out hope that a more rigid deal could be reached, but in the end, the Landlord has been unwilling to offer more. In an expanding market, a month-to-month lease compromises necessary business change, investment, staff loyalty, and goodwill. In short, it imposes a competitive disadvantage upon a business, and the effect of such has made it impossible for Holland House to continue.

Alas, Holland House will have its very last service, this Saturday July 22.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished in our 7 years since we opened in the vortex of the Great Recession, March of 2010. Those were lean times, scary and exciting. I shall miss the many neighbors, friends, and crew that have darkened our doors and brightened our spirits.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say that it was from the support given me throughout those early years that I am able to live my dream each and every day in the hospitality community of our great city. I am reminded of the encouragement, care, and support back before we were America’s latest hot town.

Not long after HH opened, a very terrifying, unfortunate robbery was committed against our staff and guests...I knew the publicity would kill us before we ever had a chance to start. The incident likely should have ruined us. But it did not. You came out and carried us on...As change our city undergoes, still its genuinely kind, generous people make Nashville a special place to live. A very sincere thanks goes to all who have shared time with us, and I hope that you will come and have one last glass, a toast before Holland House is no more. Speaking for all involved, we are forever grateful for the opportunity.

We are incredibly optimistic about the future of Nashville and our hospitality group’s place within it. We shall continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

We hope to see you all this weekend.

Love to all..."