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Pekka Rinne Chats Nashville Favorites

By: Matt Niehoff

Tags: Celeb, BBQ, Burgers

HOW ABOUT THOSE NASHVILLE PREDATORS Y’ALL!? Certainly an amazing time to be a Nashvillian, heading into game 3 of the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs – the energy of this town is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. And while we’re all anxiously anticipating the Nashville W, I thought it’d be fab to pass some of the time with a few of our Preds’ Nashville favorite hangs and hotspots.

I recently sat down with a handful of players, picking their brains to get all the deets starting with Mr. Pekka Rine: the self-proclaimed go-to-restaurant-recommender on the team, especially for the new guys, like Right wing Miikka Salomäki. Here’s what he had to say.

On Nashville Hot Chicken:

“Once and awhile I like to go to Hattie B’s once and awhile to get some awesome chicken. I’m a medium guy.”

(Insider tip, Pekka lives on the West side – so you might find him at the Charlotte locale.)

On his pre-game food rituals:

“I always have Amerigo bolognaise with grilled chicken breast. I’ve had the same thing, forever.”

On his all-time favorite restaurants in town:

“Whenever someone from back home comes in town, or I take somebody out, I like to go to places like Rolf & Daughters, City House, Lockeland Table. I like Margot or Marche – especially the brunch; Two Ten Jack – I like that place, too, and the Catbird Seat. I love the fact that it’s growing so much, the whole restaurant scene. The food is fine-dining, but the atmosphere is laid back. I love that."

More of Rinne’s favorites:

PIZZA: Belly Ham Pizza @ City House


BBQ: Jim 'N Nick's

DATE NIGHT: Rolf & Daughters

SHOPPING: Nordstrom

SWEET SPOT: Las Paletas

And finally, we asked Pekka his favorite Part about living in Nashville:

“The people, in general, are super nice and helpful, and genuine. I love that – it puts a smile on my face. People back home, you walk across somebody and they won’t say a word. I like this a lot better.” Pekka, I couldn’t agree more. See you tonight on the ice.