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Hawkins Barber Shop

By: Matt Niehoff

Tag: Fashion

Guys, rejoice.

There is a new, fabulous barbershop in town. Per the recommendation of my dear friend Justin (after I noticed his consistently slick haircuts), I checked out barber Hunter Prewett at Hawkins Barbershop over in East Nashville. There are so many great places in Nashville to get your hair cut, but of my ten years living here, Hunter stands out among the pack (so much so I feel the need to dedicate an entire blog post to the matter.)

For $35, you get the full treatment -- cut, neck shave, wash, style, and of course great convo. Simply step out of the shop and let the compliments immediately commence. Not needing a cut but maybe some pampering? Another service Hawkins offers which is going to have to happen for me: The Hangover Helper. Classic barbershop scalp and neck massages, shampoos and tonics, face creams, balms, and more steam towels than you can shake a stick at. The perfect solution for that long night out or stressful day at the office? Yes please.

Online appointments can be made for those of us who hate picking up the phone. #millenialsforthewin

1101 Riverwood Drive
Nashville, TN 37216